We are a consulting and facilitation firm that works with a wide variety of leading companies to help them improve performance at the Team, Individual and Corporate levels.
With 15 years of hands-on experience across Asia and China we have built a firm specially equipped to provide the practical knowledge, mindset, skills and solutions for our clients to develop high performing Individuals and Teams that are aligned with their own unique and specific Company capabilities, culture, vision and goals.

…because Soft Skills are Hard!

We often hear the term “soft skills” to differentiate from “hard” or tangible vocational skills. But we agree with Seth Godin : “let’s stop calling them “soft skills” , let’s call them “real skills”.. real, because even if you’ve got the vocational skills, you’re no help to us without these human skills, the things that we can’t write down or program a computer to do”.

Real skills can’t replace vocational skills, of course not. What they can do is amplify them.

Imagine a team with all the traditional vocational skills: productive, skilled, experienced.

That’s fine, it’s the baseline.

Now add to that: perceptive, driven for results and continuous improvement, focused, goal-setting, inspiring and motivated. A deep listener, with patience.

Think what can happen now.


Study after study shows that the single most important factor influencing the success of a team is its manager.

Writing in the Harvard Business Review, Lou Solomon reports that 69% of managers are uncomfortable communicating with their employees.

How do we build people-centric organizations while also accepting the fact that two-thirds of our managers (presumably well-paid, well-trained and integral to our success) are uncomfortable doing the essential part of their job?

The Good News is that Manager-Leader People Skills and Team Dynamics can be learned and developed at all levels.

Building Long Term Partnerships

We have continually invested in developing long term partnerships with our clients – be they Fortune 500 multinationals, local organizations or start-ups. We are proud that much of our successful growth has come from internal and external client referrals and word-of-mouth.

We are equally proud to have developed long term partnerships with some of the world’s best content providers.